Chitta / Patta Extract - Help Message

This facility will show you the Chitta / Patta extract details. After selecting the district, taluk, Village , kindly enter the Patta Number.

Thereafter, you have to enter one of the  Survey Number / Sub Division Numbers under the   Patta. This is to ensure that only genuine users are viewing the Chitta Extract. On furnishing the correct details, the Chitta Extract copy will be displayed by the system .  

For Example, If Survey Number is 24/2A, please enter 24 in Survey Number, 2A in Subdivision Number and click Submit
If Survey Number is 24, please enter 24 in Survey Number, leave Subdivision Number blank and click Submit

While displaying the details, a Unique Reference Number(with the format 24/02/002/00003/99999) will be generated for each request , which is also displayed at the footnote  in the Chitta Extract. If any Organisation  / Agency would like to view your Patta details, you can tell them the Reference Number. Using this number, they can verify your Chitta Extract.  

A Sample copy of the Chitta / Patta Extract, that is displayed, is shown as under.